Future exhibition

Tatjana Valsang – Beyond Silence (working title)

25.06.2023 – 13.08.2023

Tatjana Valsang (born 1963 in St. Tönis) lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany. After studying at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, with Dieter Krieg and Klaus Rinke, among others, she worked for a long time in galleries or museums without public presentations. Rather, she allowed herself to be guided and developed her own formal language, which essentially seeks to deal with silence, but above all with nature. Her month-long stays in Sweden, which she undertakes every year, are influential on her overall work. She incorporates ideas and experiences into an experimental exploration of painting, which increasingly alienates itself from narratives and instead creates biomorphic formations that seem to develop their own life and are less dependent on external influences. Over time she has built up an extensive and amazingly mature painterly oeuvre. Valsang’s abstract paintings on large canvases show a complex interaction between colour, form and composition. The chronology of her work process remains visible through the formations of overlapping and translucent layers of paint. Through Valsang’s technique of painting wet-on-wet, colors blend and new forms emerge while others fade. The dynamic and light appearance of Tatjana Valsang’s paintings conveys a feeling of weightlessness evoked by their spatial richness. Between the first composition, drawn lightly and airily, and the finished painting lies an intensive, process-oriented, seemingly uncontrolled act of painting.

The exhibition is financially supported by the Foundation for Art and Culture, Bonn.


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