Past exhibition

Georges Rousse – Le Temps retrouvé

26.01.2020 – 22.03.2020

The renowned Parisian installation and photo artist Georges Rousse (born 1947) is known for his visual transformations of disused rooms. He uses drawing, painting, collage and sculpture according to his calculations in such a way that a so-called anamorphosis arises: viewed from a certain point of view, all the elements unite to a completely new form that seems to float in space. The clear geometries in the photographs are actually pieces of painting cut into the depth of the room. The artist, originally trained as a photographer, applies all colors directly to walls, furniture, stairs, pipes or doors and only then photographs them from a special point of view so that a special, illusionistic concept of space can arise.

Georges Rousse uses drawings, paintings, collages and sculptures in such a way that, depending on the point of view, all the elements combine to form a completely new form that seems to float in space and captures this illusion in his photographs.


Opening:  January 26, 2020, from 11:00 a.m .

DR.HABIL. LANDRY CHARRIER (Attaché for university cooperation of the French embassy and head of the Institut français Bonn)
PROF. DR. BEATE REIFENSCHEID (Director, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz).

Musical accompaniment: Duo Vibraphon / Irina Krimer (piano), Wilfried Bellinghausen (vibraphone).


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