The art of meditation: Qigong at the Ludwig Museum after work

15.12.2021 , 17:30

The Ludwig Museum offers a new programme that combines modern art appreciation and Chinese Qigong meditation. Every third Wednesday of the month, participants have the opportunity to meditatively experience works of art in the Ludwig Museum through still and moving techniques of Qigong.

The contemplation of art traditionally has a connection to mediation. Whether Buddhist meditations on images or immersion in a Christian devotional painting, art invites us to immerse ourselves in its forms, colours and structures. We approach works by Isabelle Cornaro and other artists through Chinese meditation exercises from Qigong.

The class begins with a short introduction to the artist and her work, which is the focus of the class. This is followed by moving qigong exercises to prepare the body for standing and walking meditation exercises through which selected abstract artworks from the special exhibition and collection are experienced. At the end we let the hour come to an end with green tea.

Dates: Every third Wednesday of the month, 17:30 to approx. 18:30 hrs.

15.12.2021 (Topic: Pictures of the collection)


Course leader:

Rebekka Welker, art historian, academic volunteer and long-term practitioner of Qigong and Tai Chi.



10,- € complete


Practical advice:

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes or non-slip socks.

Please register no later than the third Tuesday of the month at 12 noon by calling 0261-3040416.


Weitere Informationen

Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie kann es zu Änderungen und Personenbegrenzungen kommen. Bitte informieren Sie sich im Voraus zu den Veranstaltungen kurzfristig auf der Website des Museums über die aktuellen Maßnahmen!



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