Past exhibition

JuKuWe – Factor Home – yesterday, today, tomorrow

07.05.2020 – 07.06.2020

The associations with the theme of home are probably as contrary as they are emotional. For some time the term struggled in the younger generation with the dusty image of a nostalgic return to the “golden age” and was about as attractive as grandmother’s smock apron. On the other hand, it had long had a patriotic character – indeed, almost fundamentalist, so that “home” was used historically and also currently as an argument for the exclusion of some or the inclusion of others in groups.

Presentation of the best works from the Kunstreich Summer-Camp 2019.


JuKuWe, Aufbau der Ausstellung 2020 im Ludwig Museum, 2020 © Jugendkunstwerkstatt Koblenz, Ludwig Museum Koblenz


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