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The coincidental, the flowing, the brief pausing of the moment are characteristics of her expression: Shaped by Buddhist philosophy, the Korean Yoon-Hee, who has lived in France since the 1980s, also absorbs Western influences and conceptually combines the apparently opposite in her unique sculptures. In more than three decades, she created an oeuvre that was initially associated with Minimal Art. Since then, however, her focus has been on capturing time, culminating in a single moment. For the first time, the catalog includes essential developments in her sculptural work, her in-situ works and large-format drawings.


256 pages

Edited by Beate Reifenscheid

With contributions from Sim Eunlog, Jinsang Yoo, Airyung Kim. Additionally with interview excerpts.

Wienand-Verlag Köln

ISBN: 978-3-86832-717-5

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