Peter Klasen. Œuvres 1959-2009

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Ed. by Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Pascale Le Thorel, and others
French / German
373 p., colour illustrations throughout, bound, 22 x 28 cm

Actes Sud, 2010
ISBN: 978-2-7427-8735-7

This comprehensive work provides an overview of the bulk of Peter Klasen’s work. Born in Lübeck (born 1935), he moved to Paris after his studies at the Berlin Art Academy, where both solo and group exhibitions were shown. Later, his work cycles could be seen all over the world. His highly political works dealt with the Berlin Wall and Hiroshima, among other things. Sabine Glaubitz wrote about this: “For Klasen, narrative figuration, which was influenced by the language of Pop Art, offered the possibility of implementing motifs from the new technical world – machines and constructions – in his compositions. His pictures are of a cool, impersonal, photo-like formal language, some of which represent objects from the modern consumer world in collage form. Like many of the artists of “Figuration narrative”, he has been inspired by photos from daily newspapers, magazines and film posters. (Text German, French)

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