Jongsuk Yoon

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With texts by Hendrik Bündge, Anne Buschhoff, Eunju Choi, Robert Fleck, Harald Kunde, Gunda Luyken, Hans-Werner Schmidt and Christina Végh as well as a conversation between Beate Reifenscheid and the artist.

136 pages, 80 colour illustrations, hardcover with linen, American dust jacket, 25 × 31 cm
Distanz Verlag (Berlin), 2017

ISBN 978-3-95476-160-9

The landscapes of Jongsuk Yoon (born in 1965 in Onyang, Korea; lives and works in Düsseldorf and Seoul) can be stylistically assigned to a new Abstract Expressionism. Despite all the painterly movement and seemingly chaotic lines, the abstract-expressive paintings and drawings always contain a moment of silence, of slowness. Seemingly naively staged steep mountains, paths, hats, animals and pavilions evoke the artist’s Asian roots and remind us of her childhood in Korea. One searches in vain for a meaning or a story in these “mind landscapes”, in which dreams and experiences condense into ever new images, as in a kaleidoscope. Instead, Yoon interweaves the European painting tradition with the Asian formal language and aesthetics. She is particularly interested in the human being between nature and culture and how this relationship can be represented artistically.

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