Shao Fan YOU. Werke von 1984-2018

EUR 39,-

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz, 2018
With texts by Beate Reifenscheid, Zhang Xiaoling, Zhu Qi, Peng Feng, Cai Pengcheng, Lennart Utterstrom, Yang Wie

Ed.: Beate Reifenscheid
English, German
231 pages with 161 coloured illustrations, 30.0 x 24.0 cm, hardcover
Wienand publishing house, 2018
ISBN 978-3-86832-454-9

Shao Fan occupies a special place within contemporary Chinese painting. He is a master of the painterly technique of classical ink drawing, which he develops into a new artistic language through his unique method of condensing and concentrating his motifs. The protagonists of his monumental paintings are animals. Whether monkeys, hares, or horses, they are less illustrations of their natural physiques than archetypes and hybrid creatures between man and animal.

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