Ludwig Museum Revue 1992/2012 – 20 Years Ludwig Museum Koblenz

The revue “20 Years Ludwig Museum” is published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ludwig Museum in the Deutschherrenhaus, Koblenz, September 2012. It provides insights into a variety of exhibitions as well as events and happenings, without being able to be complete. The texts are largely taken from the museum’s own press releases.


Beate Reifenscheid (ed.)


Druckerei Heinrich GmbH, Koblenz



Catalogue for the exhibition at the Ludwig Museum and the Osthaus Museum, Hagen

Publisher: Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Beijing Guochuang Culture & Art Co., Ltd, Osthaus Museum Hagen

With texts by Prof. Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte, Dr. Tayfun Belgin, Larissa Wesp
30 x 21,5 cm,
120 pages, with 54 colour illustrations,
GrafikMediaProduktionsmanagement, Cologne

Bernar Venet

With texts by Thomas McEvilley and Bernar Venet

Publication accompanying the exhibition “Bernar Venet” from 15 June to 18 August at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz

168 pages
Publisher: Benteli

Edited by Ludwig Museum Koblenz and Galerie Galerie Zdenek Sklena

With texts by Karel Malich, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beate Reifenscheid, Tomáš Vlček

Dimensions 45 x 33 cm

Indigoprint Prague

Published by Geuer & Geuer Art GmbH, Düsseldorf
with texts by Beate Reifenscheid

112 pages
AWD Druck + Verlag GmbH, Alsdorf

Edited by Mark Hesslinger/Beate Reifenscheid
with contributions by Beate Reifenscheid, Frank Bayard, Jens Fachbach, Stefan Heinz, Suzana Leu, Mark R. Hesslinger

64 pages
Hirmer Publishing House

with texts by Beate Reifenscheid, Angelika Kallenbach, Suzana Leu, Margit Theis-Scholz, Marko Sommer, Ilya Pusenkoff

64 pages
Garwain e.K. Publishing House & Art Projects Kallenbach


112 pages, 45 color and 15 b/w illustrations, hardcover, 23.5 × 29.5 cm, Distanz Verlag

Edited by Beate Reifenscheid / Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Sebastian Baden, May 2021

ISBN 978-3-95476-391-7


Surface, Structures and Textures

Janus Hochgesand (born 1981 in Dierdorf, lives and works in Hamburg) refers to his paintings as “High Intensity Paintings”-paintings whose form and content are condensed and exhibit a high concentration of material layering. The paintings are created by the artist using a broom or vacuum cleaner to generously deposit pigment onto the canvas and working on it in repetitions by heaping it on and taking it away. Hochgesand found his way to his practice through sculpture. As a student with Andreas Slominski and later at the Städelschule with Tobias Rehberger, he found that the canvas, always laid flat on the studio floor, was his medium. In the superimpositions of layers of paint, the artist picks up on the aesthetics of Abstract Expressionism and Informel, but condenses these influences into paintings in his own performative way, with music playing a leading role in their creation in the studio.

Muy Mucho, meaning “very much,” is published in parallel with Hochgesand’s exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz. Based on 16 selected works, the book reveals the artist’s working method. Sebastian Baden and Jens Asthoff wrote the texts, while Julia Voss conducted a conversation with the artist. With a foreword by Beate Reifenscheid.

Catalogue accompanying the same called exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz, June 21, 2020 – August 16, 2020
Includes texts by: Lisa Forell, Beate Reifenscheid, Larissa Wesp, Barbara Wolbert, Kenneth Snelson/Otto Fried (Interview)

Ed.: Beate Reifenscheid
Silvana Editoriale, 2020
German/Englisch, 120 pages, 40 Ill., 24 x 30 cm
ISBN 9788836646470


Ed.: Ludwig Museum Koblenz

184 pages, 24 x 30 cm, 100 coloured illustrations,
bilingual: German/English,
Edition Cantz

ISBN 978-3-947563-61-6


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