“Remix the colours!”

01.03.2024 , 14:00

Would you like to become artistically creative again?

Then come to the Ludwig Museum and let me guide you along the way.

Discover your artistic inclinations in watercolour painting and other techniques such as clay or paper work.

Develop your personal form of art and experiment with colours and shapes.

Find a place for your ideas, feelings, colours, materials and composition.

Find a balance to everyday life, switch off and immerse yourself in a world of colour.

Being artistically active is a sensual experience. The KunstKontakt team at the Ludwig Museum offers the ideal opportunity for this with “Mix the colours anew!” on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Freely inspired by Joseph Beuys’ “Everyone is an artist”, you can experiment with colours, colour combinations or simply using a brush on paper. After all, art is not just a result, but also a journey.

The course will be led by Ute Haupt from the KunstKontakt team. As a visual artist with experience in adult education, the focus of her work is aimed at the generation of senior citizens interested in art who would like to rediscover or re-discover their creativity.

Time: 2 – 4 pm

Cost: €15 (material costs may apply)

Registration for all events up to two days before the event: or 0261 129 2406. If the event takes place and there are still places available, participants can also join spontaneously.

Ute Haupt, Häusereihe, 29,7 × 42 cm, © Ute Haupt


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