Museum Night (Museumsnacht) Koblenz

03.09.2022 , 19:00

The Ludwig Museum Koblenz invites visitors to become active themselves on Museum Night. As in June of this year, visitors to the “Radical Appropriation?” project can paint over prints of artworks from the collection and thus think creatively. The resulting works will be on display from 18.9.2022 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Ludwig Museum.

In addition, the work “Brote” (1965) by Daniel Spoerri will be exhibited exclusively during the evening. This work, attributed to “Eat-Art”, consists of three loaves of bread into which ceramic shards have been baked. Talk to the work itself during the “Speed Dating” action and learn its story!

In addition, there will be a conversation with the artist couple Anne and Patrick Poirier, whose exhibition “Fragilité” will open on 11.9.2022. They will talk about their work “The Birth of Pegasus” from the series Medusa (1988). The evening will be accompanied by guided tours for adults.


19:00-22:00 “Radical Appropriation?”

19:00-19:30 Speed dating on Daniel Spoerri’s work “Brote” (1965) (with Prof. Dr. Beate Reifenscheid)

19:30/20:30/22:00 Short tours of the collection

21:00-21:30 Special Guests: Anne and Patrick Poirier talk about their work “The Birth of Pegasus” from the series “Medusa” (1988)


Ein Blick in die Sammlung: Eindrücke von der Museumsnacht 2021, Copyright: Ludwig Museum Koblenz
A look into the collection: Impressions of the Museum Night 2021, Copyright: Ludwig Museum Koblenz.
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