Jump in Art: “The Mass and the Individual” for the exhibition “Magic Spaces” by Chen Zhiguang

31.03.2022 , 18:00

The ants of the Chinese artist Chen Zhiguang have already conquered the Ludwig Museum! Explore the different levels of meaning of his works during an exciting evening!

Chen Zhiguang either installs his ants as a mass that can roll over individual animals or presents them separately and enlarged, in which case they can take on monstrous features. Individual ants, however, can also stand out from a homogeneous mass in a depictive manner. Zhiguang’s works invite the viewer to reflect on the relationship between the individual and society. His works reveal dynamics that can be found not only in Chinese but also in Western cultures.

Suzana Leu, M.A. and Rebekka Welker, M.A. will lead through the evening. There will also be culinary surprises from Gottschalk Catering and Riesling wine from the Matthias Müller winery. Cost incl. aperitif and stuzzichini: 17 euros. As the number of participants is limited, we kindly ask you to register by Sunday before the beginning of the event by phone only: Tel. 0261-3040416 during the opening hours of the museum.

3G is valid for this event.


CHEN ZHIGUANG Magischer Raum, Ameisen-Installation, ca. 700 Ameisen aus verschiedenen Metallen. Detailaufnahme. Ausstellungsansicht Ludwig Museum Koblenz 2022 © Chen Zhiguang. Foto: Rebekka Welker


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