Introduction for art educators to the exhibition “Sean Scully. Géographies”

02.05.2024 , 15:00

On Tuesday, 2 May 2024, there will be an introduction to the exhibition “Sean Scully. Géographies” will take place. The tour is aimed specifically at visual arts teachers and will be organised by Hans Artmann, painter, art and museum educator at the Ludwig Museum.

The Irish-American artist is best known for his large-format paintings, which consist of vertical and horizontal bands, mosaic-like blocks and geometric forms with gradations and colour shifts. He also works with a variety of different media, including sculpture, watercolour, pastel, printmaking and photography. His work combines influences from American abstraction – including Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko – and the European tradition with echoes of John Constable, Henri Matisse, Édouard Vuillard and Piet Mondrian.

The Ludwig Museum in Koblenz is showing 35 paintings, as well as watercolours, pastels and drawings by the artist. “Géographies” focuses on Scully’s life stages and travels. It is about the places where he lives and works and which have particularly inspired him.

Registration by 12 noon on the Saturday before by email to: or call 0261/129 2406 during opening hours. Please bring your school certificate with you.

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Sean Scully, “Eleuthera”, 2017, Öl und Ölpastell auf Aluminium 85 x 75 in. (215,9 x 190,5 cm) © Sean Scully. Photo: courtesy of the artist


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