Get Together in Art

06.07.2024 , 14:00

Meeting friends, having fun and painting, crafting, taking photos… There’s nothing better than doing something together with family and friends. A Saturday afternoon is therefore ideal for meeting up at the Ludwig Museum. We want to experiment or simply paint and draw. We develop our own ideas and exhibit them in the museum for a month – until we have created something new next time.


Every 1st Saturday of the month, anyone who enjoys art and wants to learn something from it can take part. Each Saturday has a special theme and includes different techniques. No-one has to be an artist, but they can become one over time! Fun and dialogue are important to us.


The workshop will be led by Ute Haupt, KunstKontakt team.

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Cost: 10 euros (material costs may apply)

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Buntstifte © Ludwig Museum, 2024, Foto: . SM. Wluka, 2023


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