Free drawing lab

30.04.2024 , 15:00

The new drawing lab format with museum educator Hans Artmann takes place on Tuesdays, 3 – 4.30 pm, at the Ludwig Museum.

Drawing skills were already part of the bourgeois educational canon in the 18th century. This was put into practice in museums. When most major European museums opened, a drawing school was set up at the same time.

The drawing laboratory is used to update the perception of originals in the museum through creative exercises. The analysis of forms in dialogue with the visitors is combined with the manual practice of academic and abstract drawing.

In this course, you will learn or deepen the basics of the art of drawing on site and in dialogue with the original. You will explore and grasp the proportions, structure, statics, material effect and unfolding in the space of a three-dimensional figure, sculpture or sculpture, and try to understand the process of gradual abstraction. As many of the representatives of abstract art based their works on the human body, the drawing course is also a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the human body through drawing and to find it again in abstraction.

This course, a pilot project by Hans Artmann, painter, art and museum educator at the Ludwig Museum, focuses on understanding form, proportions and statics – using various sculptures in the exhibition as examples. With the special treatment of the element “head”, you should develop a new perspective on the most important processes in the development of artistic creation and find your own individual path in the working process.

Costs: Museum admission. There are still places available. For beginners and advanced artists.

Registration at: or call 0261/129 2406 during opening hours.



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