ARTNCOOKING Meets Ludwig Museum Koblenz

17.12.2022 , 20:00

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Ludwig Museum Koblenz would like to go “into the city, to the public” in order to break through traditional boundaries and to discuss a central topical issue of our society:

What does art (museum) mean for society & how can art (museum) be back in the middle of society & how can every citizen participate? Viewers should experience the unique opportunity to get an immersive and “up close” look at what art (MUSEUM) really means to all of us. It looked for and found an unusual and exciting format in the “artncooking” concept series.

The audience will be part of a theatrical staging of a live art talk between director Prof. Dr. Beate Reifenscheid and the artist Janus Hochgesand. His performances about art and cooking, which were otherwise filmed in the studio, are transferred to the stage here. The boundaries between theatrical production, art performance, cooking experience and filmic live interview are deliberately dissolved.

Eine Veranstaltung des Ludwig Museums Koblenz.

Janus Hochgesand, studio.hochgesand

Prof. Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, Direktorin Ludwig Museum Koblenz

Artist on Stage
Hilke-Ev Krögler

Cook on Stage
David Friedewald

Regisseur/ Director
Robert Wilde

Idea & Concept
Janus Hochgesand
Stefan Martin Scholz

Christopher Angsten

Weitere Informationen

Art’n Cooking mit Janus Hochgesandt. Copyright: Studio Janus Hochgesand.


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