Finissage „Mohammed Kazem – Directions“

20.08.2023 , 15:00

At the end of the exhibition “Mohammed Kazem – Directions”, you can experience the artist’s works during a final guided tour in German.

Every Sunday at 3:00 p.m., the Ludwig Museum hosts a public guided tour of the current special exhibition in German. The KunstKontakt team of the Ludwig Museum expands the view of the exhibition with multi-faceted insights, exciting observations and interesting background knowledge on art history and artists.

Further Information:
Today: “Mohammed Kazem – Directions”.
Admission free during the finissage from 3 p.m. onwards
Registration by 12 noon on the Saturday before by email to: or call 0261/129 2406 during opening hours. If enough participants have registered, the tour will take place so that additional visitors can join spontaneously.

Mohammed Kazem, “Collecting waves”, Installationsansicht (Erdgeschoss) im Ludwig Museum Koblenz © Mohammed Kazem 2023. Foto: S. Leu/ Ludwig Museum Koblenz


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