Past exhibition

Im Westen was Neues. Ausstellung der JUKUWE

24.02.2024 – 16.03.2024

The youth art workshop shows works on the cultural summer theme “westwards”. In dealing with the culture of Western European countries, the current and new present and the associated challenges were linked. Germany was also the focus as a country because it sees itself as belonging to the West. For a long time, its people have observed changes in the rest of the world from afar.

For several years now, it has been in the midst of social upheaval. As a country, Germany is currently conducting a variety of dialogues in order to deal with the current situation. Further developments and the future that awaits us remain uncertain. Perhaps this view is a bit pessimistic, but perhaps crises also offer opportunities to think of new ideas, explore undiscovered paths and imagine alternative futures. The JuKuWe “Kunstreich” summer art camp has therefore given itself the title “Something new in the west” and created a place that brought together thoughts and fears as well as hopes and perspectives with the help of different art disciplines. And thus represented “the new” in the West. Works from exhibition design, oil painting, sculpture and performance are shown.

Installation der Jukuwee zum Thema

Installation der Jukuwee zum Thema “Im Westen was neues” © Jukuwee 2024


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