Future exhibition

Anne and Patrick Poirier – Fragility – for the 30th anniversary of the Ludwig Museum

03.09.2022 – 30.10.2022

The exhibition compares for the first time the artists Boris Lurie and Wolf Vostell under the sign of their common confrontation with the Shoah in Germany as well as in America after 1945.

On the occasion of the Ludwig Museum’s 30th anniversary, a thematic exhibition is planned that will both take us back to the museum’s founding and beginnings and look to the future in perspective. The time span of a generation, usually described as 30 years, provides an occasion to reflect, to ask questions about remembering and forgetting, and to develop a perspective in which memory can become the future.

Even before the opening of the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz in 1992, the important French artist couple Anne & Patrick Poirier were invited by the museum to develop a new sculpture in the outdoor area. In view of the thematic orientation of the future museum and above all as a platform for dialogue, the choice could hardly have been more appropriate. With their works, Anne & Patrick Poirier always advocate reflection as an artistic dialogue and understand this primarily as an offer to become familiar with it. The seemingly familiar invites one to penetrate further intellectually, to research and reflectively take the future into perspective.

In the exhibition proposed by Anne & Patrick Poirier at the Ludwig Museum, they will now place the concept of fragilité – fragility – above their well-known motif of mnemosyne, which goes back, among other things, to Aby Warburg’s “Bilderatlas”.

It revolves around the fragility of culture, around the collective memory of society, but also around the left-behind world of objects and that of nature. In their conception, they conceive this as a retrospective of the imaginative places of antiquity (as places of collective memory) and contrast them with the world of the digital (as places of the present and future). They design the view into future worlds as a completely white space.

The exhibition is supported by the Peter & Irene Ludwig Foundation.


Anne und Patrick Poirier, Dépôt de mémoire et d'oubli. Stätte der Erinnerung und des Vergessens, 1992 © Ludwig Museum Koblenz, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2022

Anne und Patrick Poirier, Dépôt de mémoire et d’oubli. Stätte der Erinnerung und des Vergessens, 1992 © Ludwig Museum Koblenz, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2022


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