Das Ludwig Museum ist seit Mitte Mai für die Besucher* innen wieder geöffnet. Das Tragen einer medizinischen Maske und die Kontaktdatenerfassung sind verpflichtend. Telefonische bzw. schriftliche Terminvereinbarungen für den REGULÄREN Museumsbesuch sind seit dem 2. Juli 2021 NICHT MEHR NOTWENDIG! Vorlage Kontakterfassung zum Ausdrucken


The Ludwig Museum is open to visitors since May 2021. Due to the coronavirus, wearing a medical mask is mandatory during your visit to the Ludwig Museum. Appointments by telephone or by e-mail for the REGULAR museum visit are NO LONGER NECESSARY since July 2nd, 2021! Contact recording template for printing

Future exhibition

Isabelle Cornaro. Sunset

29.08.2021 – 31.10.2021

Isabelle Cornaro uses various stylistic devices, the representation of well-known paintings in object-based installations in which only a few stylistic devices are referenced. In 2021, Cornaro is nominated for the Prix Marcel Duchamp.

Future exhibition

Anleitung zum Selbstversuch. Baedeckers erste Rheinreise als künstlerischer Exkurs

12.09.2021 – 15.10.2021

Karl Baedeker (1801-1859) opened a bookstore in Koblenz on July 1, 1827 and took over the publishing house from Franz Friedrich Röhling in 1832. He had published the first Rhine travel guide in 1828, written by the Neuwied historian Johann August Klein and with the descriptive title “Rhine journey from Mainz to Cöln, manual for […]

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