Geöffnet: Seit dem 16.5.2022 wird nur noch empfohlen eine Maske im Museum zu tragen.

Open: Since 16.5.2022 it is only recommended to wear a mask in the museum.

Das Ludwig Museum ist am 1. und 2. Juni wegen Umbau geschlossen. Danke für Ihr Verständnis!

The Ludwig Museum will be closed on 1 and 2 June for renovations. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Bitte beachten: Das Ludwig Museum hat neue Telefonummern und einen neuen Straßennamen.

Please note: The Ludwig Museum has new telephone numbers and a new street name.



Future exhibition

Yoon-Hee – non finito

11.06.2022 – 21.08.2022

At the beginning of her career, the Korean artist Yoon-Hee studied in Seoul, where she completed her Master of Fine Arts in 1974. From 1983, she first worked in Paris and then moved to France altogether in 1986. Like so many artists who come to Europe from the Asian region, she ideally combines both cultures […]

Future exhibition

Anne and Patrick Poirier – Fragility – for the 30th anniversary of the Ludwig Museum

03.09.2022 – 30.10.2022

The exhibition compares for the first time the artists Boris Lurie and Wolf Vostell under the sign of their common confrontation with the Shoah in Germany as well as in America after 1945. On the occasion of the Ludwig Museum’s 30th anniversary, a thematic exhibition is planned that will both take us back to the […]

Art and Architecture

Discover the Art and Artists, learn about the Collection and History of the Museum or the historic building in which the museum is located.

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