Kader Attia
Kader Attia. Architecture of Memory

until 21. January 2018

Exhibition opening: 5.11.2017, 12h a.m.

Exhiobition end: 21.01.2018

The Franco-Algerian artist Kader Attia (b. 1970 in Dugny, Département Seine-St-Denis, near Paris) enjoys great international respect. Having grown up in Paris...



The Ludwig Museum of Koblenz is one of five museums in Germany, which was founded by the famous collector couple Peter and Irene Ludwig. The museum is supported by generous donations, permanent loans and project funds. Since its opening in december 1992, the museum defines itself by an active dialogue in modern art with France. In addition, the museum organises international exhibition projects in Koblenz.

Based on the ideas of the founding committee, which was initiated by Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Peter Ludwig and the then mayor of Koblenz, the art collection and the exhibition policies of the museum develop an important exchange with France. The almost 300-year old connection of Koblenz with France forms a historical background: for example the time of the protectorate and the time of the French occupation.

With its location at the "Deutsche Eck" (German Corner) and at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Mosel, facing the "Kaiserdenkmal", which in 1992 was returned into its original form, the "Deutschherrenhaus", - previous a house of the Teutonic Order - forms a vital counterpart to the historical orientation of the town.

The unique concept of the Ludwig Museum provides access to contemporary art. It benefits from the support of the “Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation” in Aachen. The Foundation itself delivers the research, the scientific structure of the collection as well as substantial financial support of the museums, which were founded by Peter and Irene Ludwig during their lifetime. Thus, the Ludwig Foundation works with numerous national and international museums and enables a potential network with colleagues all over the world.

This vivid connection to our Museum is as important as the support we receive through the Ludwig Foundation. The exhibitions of the museum represent many multivoiced dialogues with the own collection and show important individual positions of contemporary art. The exhibitions generate contexts to important developments within art: both in France and international. Our museum acts from time to time as a kind of mediator for French institutions and research facilities. Furthermore, the museum presents monographic exhibitions of actual French and international artistic positions, such as Arman, Ben Vautier (2002), Bernar Venet (2002), Bert Stern, Miao Xiaochun, Fabrizio Plessi (2014), George & Ilya Pusenkoff (2013), Claude Viallat (2014), Sean Scully (2014), Mel Ramos, or John Cage (2015) and many others.

In 2016 the museum commemorates several anniversaries at the same time: 825 years foundation jubilee of the Teutonic Order, 800 years of the main building, which now houses our Ludwig Museum and finally the 20th anniversary of the death of Peter Ludwig who died in Aachen in 1996 at the age of 71.


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